Murphys of Mullaghbawn

Michael Murphy left Mullaghbawn in South Armagh for Liverpool at the start of the 20th century. It was here he married Mary Pender. This is the story of their nine daughters and one son, their children and grandchildren. "Cead Mille Failte"

Saturday, March 25, 2017

St. Patrick's Day - 2013

This is from our very own Jim Herlihy - watch the Cork/Frisco link-up

"We took Mayor Lee to Cork to be the Grand Marshal of their St. Patrick's Day Parade.
We simulcasted our Cork reception to SF during the SF parade so the Mayor could preside over the SF parade too.
My Cisco buddy Marc Musgrove filled in for me as MC in SF.!

Thanks Jim!
And don't forget to visit Cork - Jazz Festival at the end of October!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jamie's story ...

From John Murphy ,,,,

In case you haven't seen it on facebook yet:
Link below to The Guardian website to Ellen & Jamie's (my daughter and son-in-law's) incredible story. The film was made a couple of years ago originally for a Channel 4 documentary called 'One Killer Punch' airing tonight at 10pm GMT 22nd Nov. Ellen says "However due to decisions made by the channel, our story ended up being cut from the final edit -but the director Tim was determined to get Jamie's story out into the world so thanks to him @TheGuardian have posted the short film today, ahead of tonight's documentary. It's a very hard watch but really think they have captured the essence of Jamie's story and the journey he has been on and we hope this, along with the documentary will raise awareness of the devastation that can be caused by one single punch, as well as what life is like living with a brain injury.Thanks to all of Jamie's friends for being involved and for helping him get back on his BMX xxx "

Friday, November 11, 2016

Leam & Teresa Wedding Pictures!

A belated congratulations to Leam Murphy and Teresa Riddle, who were married in Granada, Spain at The Palacio de Santa Paula, on 20th May 2016!
 Leam placing ring on Teresa's finger

 Parents Cormac & Jane, and brother John(Bob) with happy couple
 James Harley - best man, with groom and brother - looking pensive!
 Teresa's mum and partner

Myself, his mother Jane, and all family and friends would like to thank Leam and Tess for putting on a fantastic wedding at an amazing location. We all hope the marriage is similarly fantastic and long-lasting! God Bless.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Another Baby ... Another Graduation!

John & Joanne's 4th son Jim is pictured outside the Royal Albert Hall with mum & dad, on 19th October graduating in B.Sc. in Bio-Chemistry and Business Management. 
Their four sons (Jack, Frank, Sam & Jim) all received degrees at Imperial (Jack did his first one at Liverpool then his Masters at Imperial). Well done Jim!
The second photo shows proud Mum Kayleigh, with daughter Ena and new baby Albie (Albert Knox Murphy) born in Basingstoke 17th October weighing 9lbs 5oz. So Jack has also been very busy!
Congratulations to parents John & Joanne and all their wonderful family.
For those younger members of the extended family viewing the blog, John is the youngest of the 15 Murphy children.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Penders & Murphys: Research by Duncan Ashcroft

The Penders and the Murphys are shown in a book given away by The Rotunda Centre in Great Mersey Street next to Stanley Road, Kirkdale (Please see the photos at the end of this piece, but I need to explain here for them to make sense). That’s what I discovered last month when me and Susanne wandered into their brilliant heritage centre following our stay at the Throstles Nest on Scotland Road (we stay overnight in Liverpool annually now since our 20th wedding anniversary in 2013. We’ve stayed in the Throstles  couple of time now because we share ancestry from there –Susanne’s family on mothers side ran a pub (now demolished)  right next to the Rotunda centre, the King George – and they have a picture of it in their Heritage café wall! Sue’s Liverpool-Irish great grandmother Mary Ann Kearns (Mary Ann’s parents like our Penders/Learys were from Wexford too) married a Swede Johanne (John) Bladlund who was a publican there shown on 1911 census – he banned his girls, including Sue’s gran Rose, from going into the pub because of the rough sailors – probably included our ship firemen Penders Tom, Patrick, Joseph, John or Robert who were a stone’s throw away!
       I’ve put quite a few photos from our fascinating ramble, which included me tracking down my great grandfather Tom Pender’s original baptism record at St John’s RC church on Fountain Road . I was helped in this by St Anthony’s who said that because Tom was born in Aspinall Street (number 37 - I got his birth record) at that time he would have come under St John’s. Other Pender brothers and sisters were baptised at St Anthony’s, Scotland Road as well as our Our Lady of Reconciliation, Eldon Street and St Alphonsus (now demolished) as they moved between streets from Vauxhall to Kirkdale. Tom’s sister Mary Agnes Pender, who married Michael Murphy was baptised in St Alphonsus on 11 November 1881, 5 days after being born, and married Co Armagh born Michael at that church too on 11 June 1903. Then the church stood at the end of Great Mersey Street where it met Kirkdale Road at the bottom of Everton Valley. Brother Robert, who married south Armagh born Kate Murphy (Michael’s younger sister) also got baptised (Sept 1879) and married (Jan 1912) in St Alphonsus.
     You’ll see from the book from the Rotunda Centre that Michael Murphy is at number 26 Aspinall St and Joseph Pender (Tom’s youngest brother) at number 44. Sadly the graphic is for 1929 and Mary Agnes Murphy (nee Pender) is no longer in the number 26 household because she died 5 years earlier, neither are her parents (and my Tom’s, Robert, Joseph etc) because Tom and Johanna (nee Leary) from Wexford passed away just later in 1926/7 after having lived in 65 Aspinall Street for over 20 years, and in Liverpool’s Vauxhall and Kirkdale district for over 60 after emigrating from Ireland.
        My gran, Maggie Ashcroft (nee Margaret Pender), was born 1907 in Athol Street which runs to the Junction of the top of Scotland Road and Stanley Road. On her mother’s side, the similar sounding surnamed Pedders, - 4th generation barge people -  occupied a site in nearby Slade Street by the canal.  Maggie used to love going every weekend from her St Helens home to the Cazneau Street/Paddy’s Market with her daughter, my Auntie Sue (and I had to suffer wearing some of the strange purchases!) Funnily enough on my mothers side of farmers they also loved to visit Cazzy market, but with their cart horses laden with spuds, after  working the Bickerstaffe, Kirkby, Knowsley, Rainford, Eccleston and Huyton fields up to WW2. And they loved the drinking en-route back too, falling asleep sometimes in a warm pile of manure picked up for the return journey while the horse knew the way home!

       Please take a look at all the pic and census/birth records showing the strong connection of the Pender and Murphy families on those Kirkdale Streets now under the green grass of the Billy Collins playing fields. The Rotunda centre and its heritage café and friendly staff (Emma Jensen and Anne Marie) is well worth a visit and has a great community spirit and superb garden and allotment too. Some of us are planning to meet there when Marie (of the Cannons) and her daughter Catherine Morris come over from Ireland this month. Des and Su Herlihy and Irene and Robbie Cannon could make it too, and maybe Cormac and Kitty - so if you’re interested please let us know – it’ll be sometime in the week beginning 22nd, Monday to Friday in the daytime. 

Thanks Duncan!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dublin Half Marathon for Kidney Research UK

Sebastian Murphy, son of Danny & Pat Murphy is running the Dublin Half-Marathon on 7th August 2016 in aid of Kidney Research UK. If you'd like to sponsor Seb, please visit his fund-raising page at: and he'd like to thank everyone in advance. Good Luck Sebastian!

Monday, July 18, 2016

"Eternal Father" - A Tribute to our own Great Uncle James Murphy

This wonderful message was sent by Jim Herlihy.
"We sing this hymn at St. Teresa's - (Hitchcock's Church in The Birds). The Church is a few miles from the Pacific and boating fatalities are all too frequent.
It is the Naval Hymn and played when a sailor dies or someone is lost at sea - and is a fitting tribute to our Great Uncle James (Da´s brother) who was lost on the Carpathia after it was torpedoed.

It was also Franlin D. Roosevelt's favorite hymn and played at JFK's funeral."